kit_v_carson (kit_v_carson) wrote in milescross,

Night of Oct 30/31. Dreams of the Hunt

Kit finishes brushing her hair and crawls into her sleeping bag, still mostly dressed. The foxes, Kit and her pack crowd the small tent.

As Kit slips from sleep to rem sleep her eyes twitch and she whimpers softly.

((ooc: I'm going to put dreamy stuff in italics...)

... running, running, through the hollow log, under a fallen tree trunk, over the rocks in nearly dried stream... the sound of the horn, of the hounds, of the horse behind, never stopping, getting closer...

Kit wakes briefly and rolls closer to Nyx, before falling asleep again.

...crouching in a corner with her naked knees pulled to her naked chest, trembling, but not from the cold, a massive shadowed figure approaches, it is between her and the light and hope, coming closer and closer...

Kit wakes trembling and pulls out her flashlight and a book, Welcome to the World of Foxes, and read until she falls asleep again.

...dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, running up past hikers and jogger, and folks walking their dogs. Running up past the resevior and along the back trails. Hearing the sounds of an animal in distress and changing course to find it. Running between a gap in the brambles. The day starts to darken, much to soon. The woods becoming unfamiliar and more overgrown. She can't hear the animal anymore. She stops to listen and get her bearings. She hears the sound of someone on horse and the baying of hounds. The sound of horn...

Kit wakes with a start and begins to gather her shoes... ** I can take a hint, no more sleeping tonight... **

She unties the rope that has hoisted her food supplies into the trees and pulls out snacks for herself and the foxes.


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