Afternoon, overlooking the Hawthonre Farm

From a bluff not far from the Hawthorne Farm a lone figure looks down searching for signs of life. He leans with one hand clutching the trunk of a withered spruce, but his calloused palms do not register the abrasive rasp. Yes, He thinks, more with feelings of longing than with words. I've waited too long already, it is time to come down and see.

Before taking his leave to break camp, he takes a moment to cross himself and bow his head. He speaks aloud with a deep voice harsh and rasping with lack of use. "Lord God, forgive me, a sinner..."
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Moonshadows Coffee, November

Many, many mugs of coffee later Gail is somewhat at the end of her narrative.

"And that's pretty much what it's like to be a rock musician these days of so-called new media. It's a good scene, because there's more variety and it's cheaper to start out D.Y.I.-style, but it lacks the editorial input from music producers. But it's great being able to put out music without a label; and pretty cheap to do over the internet, as long as you can get a fan base to keep you going... You okay, John? You've been rather quiet the last hour." She reaches out to touch his hand.
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Dinner with Nuriko and John Reach

((OOC: This take place after the the party where Amy offered to take John and Nuriko to dinner. This is the evening where the three of them are to meet for dinner.))

Amy stands in the downstairs lobby of the girls dorm at Hawthorne Academy, waiting for her room mate and John Reach. Her dark hair is in her usual twin braids and she is wearing a form-fitting chinese dress, red with gold dragons on it. Perhaps the dress has been fitted to Amy, for while she is not that tall, she is noticeably more busty than a typical Chinese girl of her size.

Start of November, early evening outside of Town

Thomas bustles about his small house, trying to make sure everything is as perfect as can be for Fiona's arrival. Ah, there is nothing like a young man who is desperate to impress a young girl when it comes to housecleaning. The books have been stacked in neater piles than previously. With more floor room available, Thomas has been able to shift the furniture to one side of the livingroom and place a small table with two dinner chairs before the fireplace. The fireplace itself has a small fire blazing within, adding a cozy warmth. From the kitchenette comes the smells of garlic and basil, tomato sauce and bread.

Dawn, early November morning, Heather's farm

Early in the morning, when it is time to start the daily chores, whomever emerges from the front door stumbles upon a surprise.

Sitting on the dusty ground is a square sheet of paper birch bark like a curled square plate. It holds a wide assortment of local nuts and freshly picked berries. There is such a variety that it is doubtful they were purchased at the local food markets, but rather are the fruit of a day or more of foraging.

Any traces of footprints have been carefully erased.


((OOC: This takes place after the scene at Thomas's place and is a set up to a storyline. This is a closed scene.))

The room is typical for the boy's dormitory at Hawthorne Academy - two beds, two desks and two dressers. There is a tv set up in the room with one of the orginal bulky PS2s hooked up to it.

A teenager with blond hair lounges on one of the beds, wearing the regulation pants and the partially buttoned of a Hathorne Academy uniform and reading a textbook.

Halloween Morning @ the Library

((OOC: Continued from here:

Kit collects what remains of her saving and divies it up, some in the pouch around her neck, some in the hidden pocket in her hat, some in hidden pocket in the collars of the foxes. Next she packs her rucksack with a notebook, pens, cellphone and charger.

Kit pets Nyx and Astraia and leaves them with rawhide bones in the tent, "Be good. Stay here." The flap for the tent has been partially left open so the foxes to go in and out.

She takes her walking stick and small rucksack and heads into town.

First she visits the library with her list of things to look up. She picks a table near the card catalog. The rough night's sleep she had clearly showing in her eyes. 

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Night of Oct 30/31. Dreams of the Hunt

Kit finishes brushing her hair and crawls into her sleeping bag, still mostly dressed. The foxes, Kit and her pack crowd the small tent.

As Kit slips from sleep to rem sleep her eyes twitch and she whimpers softly.

((ooc: I'm going to put dreamy stuff in italics...)

... running, running, through the hollow log, under a fallen tree trunk, over the rocks in nearly dried stream... the sound of the horn, of the hounds, of the horse behind, never stopping, getting closer...

Kit wakes briefly and rolls closer to Nyx, before falling asleep again.

...crouching in a corner with her naked knees pulled to her naked chest, trembling, but not from the cold, a massive shadowed figure approaches, it is between her and the light and hope, coming closer and closer...

Kit wakes trembling and pulls out her flashlight and a book, Welcome to the World of Foxes, and read until she falls asleep again.

...dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, running up past hikers and jogger, and folks walking their dogs. Running up past the resevior and along the back trails. Hearing the sounds of an animal in distress and changing course to find it. Running between a gap in the brambles. The day starts to darken, much to soon. The woods becoming unfamiliar and more overgrown. She can't hear the animal anymore. She stops to listen and get her bearings. She hears the sound of someone on horse and the baying of hounds. The sound of horn...

Kit wakes with a start and begins to gather her shoes... ** I can take a hint, no more sleeping tonight... **

She unties the rope that has hoisted her food supplies into the trees and pulls out snacks for herself and the foxes.

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Ha-Ha-Halloween Night

Gail is spending Halloween evening drunk off of other people's emotions. Well, sips of the chilled cider she keeps behind her guitar case doesn't hurt either.

Sitting on a bus stop bench in a residential neighborhood she is playing scary songs and basking in the excitement of the Trick-or-Treaters passing by. She doesn't have a costume herself besides the cheap nylon witch hat she found blowing down the street a few hours earlier. **But then again, aren't I always wearing my costume? This is fun; maybe I'll stop by Tom's Roadhouse on the way home for a few drinks. With luck I may find a suitable man to go bump in the night with.** She smiles at the thought. For the last few months her mind has been too preoccupied for such luxuries as idle lust. **But I don't want to grow cobwebs like the Professor, do I?** This train of thought bumps to a halt as she stops to compliment a child's costume and offer her a Snickers bar.
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>>> Dog Walker <<<

On a crisp clear day Kit and her two furred friends walk about town posting flyers with with little pull off tabs with a phone number on it.

The sign says:

Experienced Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Pet Trainer

I worked in a veternary office and trained dogs for Guilding Eyes. I've just moved here, but can provide phone numbers for references. I'll treat your pet with respect and understanding, the foundation for teaching a animal anything.

Kit Carson 555-555-5555

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